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Five Paths to Wealth


If you want to get on a path to wealth and financial security and do it as simply as possible, Five Paths to Wealth is for you.

Five Paths to Wealth presents five really simple strategies to help anyone get start building wealth and securing their financial future. The five paths starts with building a secure financial foundation from which to start investing and then presents some really simple approaches for investing for generational wealth over time.


Today anyone can get started using these strategies for buying passive index funds, dividend growth funds, dividend reinvestment plans, using robo advisors and starting real estate investments. You can get on a path toward financial security and wealth, it all starts with the first step. Stay consistent, invest for the long-term and you will be wealthier at retirement, able to afford that dream home and send you kids to college. Start on any one path and add others as you go.

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Family Financial Freedom 

You might be struggling to make ends meet, but achieving true financial freedom is still possible. The good news is virtually anyone with a desire to learn and the willingness to plan can achieve a considerable degree of financial security.


This book is a road map to the personal financial freedom you want and deserve. There are no quick-rich schemes here, just common sense advice on how to manage your money, protect your family from risks and start making the moves to being more financial secure.  
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Figuring Out Wall Street 

Figuring Out Wall Street is a concise guide to help first-time investors understand how financial markets work.
This comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide is written with terms defined; and charts and graphs to make complex concepts understandable.
This practical guide delivers:
- An overview of savings and investment products and how to invest to match your goals.
- How the stock exchanges work and an overview of the world of investment banking.
- Action plans for learning how to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, government securities, options and futures.
- A guide to using asset allocation to help you manage your investments as they grow.

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College Without Ramen Noodles

Do you doubt that college is possible for you? Stop doubting and read College Without Ramen Noodles; A Guide to Affording College.

This highly readable guide provides college students and their parents with dozens of ways to make college a reality. In fact, use enough of these tips, and you may keep college debt at zero. You can use one or more the options highlighted in this book to help get through college without taking on a lot of debt. You might even find some good reasons why you might be better off with an alternative to a college degree. 

For parents, get valuable tips on savings for college and guidance on.


In this guide to affording college, the author offers lots of optional ways to get the college education you need to be ready for the career you want and make sure it is still affordable. Available for your Kindle or Nook eReader for just $1.99..

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