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Floyd Saunders has a broad background in the financial services industry including experience in: retail banking, investment banking, insurance, investments, financial planning, and tax preparation. In addition, based on his rich and diverse background in financial services, Floyd is an adjunct instructor teaching: Personal Financial Planning, Project Planning, Technology in the Workplace, and Innovative Business Thinking. As an author, speaker and trainer, Floyd is dedicated to enriching the lives of people around the world in diverse ways.  

Floyd's professional background includes working with Bank of America, Citibank, JPMorgan and later JPMorganChase.  As a consultant to the financial services industry, Floyd has worked with credit unions and community banks as well as with H&RBlock and HD Vest Financial services in a variety of roles.

If you have interest in hearing from an experienced financial expert, without product pitches, and just want to learn more about being financial successful, then book him for your next community, civic, educational or corporate event.  

Take a look at some of the presentations we use for teaching financial security and how to enjoy the financial success you desire. These are a part of the many seminars we do to teach personal money management, and how to have greater financial freedom. Most of us realize that money isn't everything, but it is a tool that we can leverage to have a better life, living within our means and making informed decisions.  It's really not that complex, it just takes some education, self control and setting reasonable goals for what you want in the future and then working your plan to make it happen. 

Floyd's book, Family Financial Freedom was published in 2010 and released via FastPencil in paperback and e-Book format isThis is simple plan to achieve greater financial security that almost anyone can follow.  If you are just starting out or simply want to be in charge of your money, then this book is for you. Family Financial Freedom is available for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook and other popular e-readers.   

College Without Ramen Noodles, A Guide to Affording College Now, is his latest book and will be released as an e-book in late August.  This is a simple and straight forward guide to all the options available to a student who really wants to go to college, but is concerned about the cost (and parents too!). 

Other books in the works include, Ten Step Money, The ten steps are all easy to follow and are proven techniques for handling your personal money more successfully.  Check out the introduction under the tab "Books"

You can expect to see his next book, Common Sense Money published soon.  It is currently being edited and will be released for both eReaders and in paperback.  Look for the introduction in the Books section. 

Floyd also authored Figuring Out Wall Street . "I wrote this book to make it easier to figure how financial markets work, and to help the average consumer/investor feel more confident about selecting investment products that will match their needs, long-term goals and ability to accept the risks of investing.

 Even if you prefer to work with a financial advisor, reading Figuring Out Wall Street will help you make sense of the products and services available to you.  Information, after all, is power.   

Other books previously published by Floyd Saunders include:

Investing in Securities

Banking on Mutual Funds and Annuities

Mutual Funds and Annuities

Introduction to Securities Markets

Helping Others With Finances

Figuring Out Wall Street

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