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College Without Ramen Noodles



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College Without Ramen Noodles
 A Guide to Affording College

College Without Ramen Noodles, A Guide to Affording College has just been released on Smashwords for most eReaders.  This book is based on my own experience of helping my five kids get there education.  Over the years I have helped my kids get professional certification to enter a career as a police officer, attend a private technical college, a state college (without debt) and a top university.  We have used savings, loans, work study and scholarships to get the education they need to be successful.  This book is filled with tips and ideas for getting a College Education.  It will be available soon for the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks etc. 

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Ten Secrets for Investing Now

10 Secrets for Investing Now is a new eBook we will be releasing soon to eReaders.  These 10 secrets are simple and common sense tips to help anyone be more successful managing their money.  You will want to get this guide if you need some help getting started with your investments or simply want to be more successful with your money.  Successful investors follow a set of rules and do so consistently.  This common sense guide will help you set rules that work for you.  Look for it soon. 


Family Financial Freedom

A Simple Plan for Financial Security

Family Financial Freedom

">This is the simple common sense approach to achieving total financial freedom for your family. With so many of Americans on main street struggling to make ends meet, it might be surprising that financial freedom is still possible today, if you get started on the right path. Few of us were taught how to manage the money we earn.


For most Americans, personal financial planning and managing our money is a good news/bad news story. The good news is that virtually anyone with a desire to learn and the willingness to plan can achieve a considerable degree of financial security.

The book is a road map to personal financial freedom for yourself and your family using proven, common sense ideas. This is not a get-rich quick scheme, but a series of simple instructions, guides and rules to learn how to manage your money, protect your family from risks and start making the moves to financial success.

This book is now available from the following sources in paperback: Fast Pencil MarketplaceAmazonBarnes & Noble stores and the Ingram Network. If your local book stock does not have it in stock (likely), please ask them to order it. 

It is also available in e-book format from: NOOKKindle for all Kindle devices, iBooks for the iPad and iPHone, many ebook readers and Ingram Digital. 


Ten Step Money
A common sense plan for financial security 

This eBook will be available soon and presents a ten step plan for achieving financial security.

Most of don’t plan to fail we just fail to plan.  My experience in the financial services industry has taught me one thing about financial security.  It’s possible for most anyone to change their financial future, it a simple math problem.  You see the key to financial freedom is not having a lot of money (Most of us don’t). It’s not a matter of getting lucky by being in the right place at the right time, or knowing the tricks or gimmicks (there are some rules you need to follow however).  All you really need is a game plan for winning and then follow that plan.  We all know we cannot reach a destination without a road map and doing a bit of planning.  The key is having a game plan and then sticking to it no matter what happens along the road. Ten Step Money presents that game plan and it is a simple common sense approach. 

Here is the 10 Step Money Plan to financial security:

  1. Start today
  2. Pay off consumer debt
  3. Pay yourself first
  4. Use time and compound interest
  5. Establish an emergency fund
  6. Reduce the cost of insurance and other costs
  7. Minimize taxes with retirement plans
  8. Learn the basics of investing and follow them
  9. Know when you can go it alone and when you need professional help
  10. Expect to succeed


Figuring Out Wall Street
Consumer’s Guide to Financial Markets


Figuring Out Wall Street

">Figuring Out Wall Street is an easy-to-read, concise guide that explains the stock and financial markets around the world.


With so much attention on the financial condition of the world, consumers can hone their understanding of the basic rules of the economy and the financial markets. This book provides an overview of how stock exchanges work, the basic products available to consumers, and how to invest in each. Available Now!

Helping Others With Finances

Figuring Out Wall Street

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